Babymatratze – A Delicate Issue Requires Tests For Safety

Why is a test necessary for Babymatratze?

Babymatratze Test

A baby tends to sleep for 14 hours in one day and toddlers up to 10 years.

Therefore, having a healthy quality mattress is of utmost importance for a baby to aid in sleep. Not only that a crib mattress is a very delicate issue as one needs to check for the firmness, quality, make, resilience and many more stuff before purchasing a baby mattress. It should be made such that it can give comfortable support to the baby’s body. When all these factors come in mind as a parent you wonder how to select a proper mattress. The best answer could be looking for a mattress that satisfies all the conditions of babymatratze test. So testing is very necessary.

How to test babymatratze?

Choosing a mattress for an infant can be tricky. As your infant’s sleep is related in this case one needs to be cautious of that fact that mattresses too much soft can turn out to be harmful for the baby whereas a tough one prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in kids.

One can take forward the babymatratze test by using two cartons of milk and CD stacks. This helps to determine the mattress quality and ensure your baby’s safe sleep

Step 1: The Babymatratze test starts with assembling few items from daily usage materials namely

  • Ruler
  • Marker Pen
  • A plastic for wrapping
  • Two Cartons full of 1 liter milk packages
  • 12 DVD or CD stacks

Step 2: Marking a horizontal marking with the help of ruler and marker one and half inch above the base of milk carton. It should be on all side making a ring on carton bottom. Repeat it on 2nd carton.

Step 3: Make a CD pile and wrap it up in plastic and place them on the mattress. Preferably place it of the softest corner of the mattress where the baby’s head can roll while on sleep

Step 4: You are to stack the milk carton on top of the other and stack them such that the edge of the CD matches the ring made earlier.

Step 5: Check the hanging portion of the mattress to determine that your mattress is safe from the suffocation of your kid

  • If the Carton’s hanging portion is not touching the mattress, then your mattress passed the babymatratze test and is safe to use.
  • If it touches the mattress, then it’s not suitable as it’s softer than necessary.

Babymatratze Test Results worldwide:

The babymatratze Test Results display that different mattresses are differently made with various material combinations. The price for baby mattresses can range from 40 Euros to 200 Euros depending on the quality. While testing proved being hard mattress is better compared to too soft ones, the results also disclosed most of the mattresses were highly convincing and had reclining effect on them. When durability was tested they responded well giving a minimum shell life of 5 years. Their volatile organic compounds also gave good test results.