Automobile Accident Personal Injury

Your case of personal injury in an automobile accident can involve two (or more) vehicles. The tort system gives you an opportunity to prove the negligence on part of the injurer (driver). You need to file the lawsuit with the help of a qualified and authorized personal injury lawyer. Though you may file the litigation independently, the possibility of winning the compensation are said to be very low unless you are familiar with the legal system and have the revenant experience in the field.

The authorized auto accident lawyer New York has the qualifications to fulfill the statutory requirements of the court of law. He has the experience in handling the specific cases of auto accident cases such as yours. Moreover he can predict the probable moves by the defendant lawyers and strengthen your case accordingly. Since he works within the legal framework by utilizing the books of law and the clauses specified in them, he assures you of the highest probability of winning the lawsuit and getting the maximum possible compensation from the claim.

Claims and Evidences

The claims made by your accident lawyer could be split into two distinct parts. The first part is aimed at the defendant and the second part is aimed at the insurance company. With the defendant your lawyer aims to prove his liability. The law governing the liability categorizes it into two types. Strict liability is the type in which the defendant has wronged in violating the known traffic and safety rules in causing you the injury. This may not be intentional, but it is still considered as strict liability. The court considers it so. This because, the defendant (other diver) was aware of the possibility of someone injured when he violated the traffic or road safety law. If he happens to be under influence while driving, the case of liability will be more severe.

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On the other hand, the negligence liability is said to be less harsh on the defendant as it considers your negligence as contributing accident factor. If your negligence is found to be 10% (based on the evidences and witnesses), the defendant will be liable to pay you only 90% of the total claim you have made. In such cases the insurance company lawyer can also argue on similar lines while defending the company rights to discount the insurance claim.

In some instances the court may decide to dismiss your lawsuit if your negligence is proved to be anywhere near 50%. The jury may also ask you to pay for the expenses of the defendant if your negligence is proved above 50%.

Expert Accident Lawyers in New York

When you choose the experienced auto accident lawyer, you are ensuring completely dedicated investigation into the accident. The lawyer is capable of conducting thorough and accurate analysis of the evidences and screening of witnesses to prove your case beyond any doubts. You could also count on him to get the maximum possible compensation from the defendant and the insurance company without any sort of hassles.