Tips to simplify the process of adrenal fatigue recovery

Adrenal fatigue recovery starts with the process of stress removal from your body and mind. This calls for some sort of discipline in your diet and lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you need to be strict with yourself (you have been doing already which put you into this trouble); rather you need to be kind and gentle. Prepare a practical plan for your day and stay with it. Your constant urge to overachieve or become a super human has to be eliminated. The first step to do is accept your present limitations and start working within them. Let us see how simple you can keep things to start your adrenal fatigue recovery from today.

Stress removal as key to adrenal fatigue recovery

  • If you observe carefully your stress levels start in your mind and then get transformed into physical forms. That means you have to treat your mind before treating your body. Can you remember what was the first thought that ran through your mind when you woke up in the morning today? Was it related to self pity, anger, frustration, helplessness or hopelessness? If you had any one of these thoughts you are surely in trouble. So, the first step of adrenal fatigue recovery is to bring cheer into your early morning routines. How do you do that?
  • Drink two full glasses of water after you brush your teeth. This will help you in relieving most of the toxic elements in your body. Practice yoga and meditation for 10 to 15 minutes before you do anything else. Pray to grant you the tranquility for accepting yourself as you are and the valor to improve your life from whatever position you are. This will help in removing the guilt and remorse you feel early in the morning.
  • Have your breakfast, lunch and supper on time. Don’t starve your body. This can adversely affect your mind. Drink plenty of water and fruit juices during the day. Avoid coffee, smoking and limit your alcohol intake to mild ones after evening hours.
  • Work with a cal mind. Forget about target, deadlines and work pressure. This doesn’t mean you need to run away from your work. Prepare a practical plan and work accordingly. You will be surprised to see that you have achieved more than what you have planned if you keep your mind calm and focused.
  • Avoid retaliation or retreat when you are faced with tough situation and tough people. Speak your mind with calmness so that the other person understands your stance clearly. If you are a team leader in your work, let your team work and give you ideas. Trying to impose yourself too much can cause friction within the team, resulting in stress and fatigue for you. Learn to cooperate with your team. This will certainly take time to alter your attitude. But is worth the effort safeguard your own health. Once you initiate the process of adrenal fatigue recovery the rest will start flowing smoothly and you can regain your health easily within few weeks.