Husqvarna Backpack Blowers 130BT – a Grade A Product

Husqvarna Backpack Blowers by Husqvarna is undoubtedly a Grade A product. It belongs to the group of backpack blowers and is extremely stable and easy to use. This backpack blower works on gas and is available at an affordable price. The Husqvarna backpack blower 130BT is light weight and is designed for proper consumer grade.

Features of Husqvarna Backpack Blower

  1. It runs on X-Torq engine which increases the fuel efficiency by 20 % and reduces the harmful air emission by 60%
  2. Husqvarna Backpack blower weighs 14.7 pounds which mean any one can operate this.
  3. Husqvarna backpack blower has harness and tube mounted control
  4. It has operator adjustable handle and a rubber insert to give a comfortable grip
  5. The padded harness fits the contours of the operator
  6. It has a harness for backpack
  7. For easy start up it removes air from carburetor and fuel system.
  8. It emits air with the speed of 145 mph
  9. It is a durable backpack blower which is going to last for long time.
  10. It has an easy maintenance


  • Husqvarna backpack blower has a weight of less than 15 pounds, which means that even a long duration work wont strain the back.
  • It is easy to start and blows the leaves both dry and wet efficiently from the yard or garden.
  • The engine has a 30cc power which makes Husqvaran’s backpack blower a powerful one.
  • It is not a hazard to the environment.


  • Husqvarna has some better models than Backpack Blower 130BT
  • Since it does not run on electricity or battery, the gas and oil mixture is required for refilling everytime.
  • Husqvarna backpack blower 130BT do not have vacuum feature.

How to reduce dust

While starting the nozzle must be closer to the ground with gradual lifting till height that it does not blow dust. Lower nozzle extension must be used for controlling sound and minimizing dust. Remember to see what you are moving. The blower must not be used to remove plaster dust, concrete or cement dust.


  1. The displacement of the cylinder is 29.5cc
  2. The power output is 1.3 hp
  3. Air flow is 360.21cfm, While the air speed is 145 mph
  4. The sound level is 94db(A) and the sound power level is (LWA) 102 db(A)
  5. Weight is 14.77lbs
  6. The idling speed is 3000 rmp
  7. Fuel tank volume is 30.43 fl oz and the fuel consumption is 392 g/kwh

Saftey Measures

  • Always wear goggles to protect your eyes
  • Use ear protection as the backpack’s engine remains closer to the ear.
  • Gloves must be used for hand protection
  • Appropriate clothing is important, like long shirt and pant to prevent the sting of dust or leaf particles.

Overall Impression

Husqvarna backpack blower 130BT is reliable, lightweight and durable from the first use itself. It is easy to use and is also highly recommended by a lot of users.


For a small and lightweight  machine, this Husqvarna 130BT backpack blower is durable and well within the budget of a house owner. It is meant to remove flower and leaf debris from garden, yards, doorways, but it is not meant for removing wet grass.