What is Ramadan? Ramadan Calendar and Times for London

We will know everything about Ramadan 2017, the schedule and timetables for beginning and ending of fasting in London. Analysing the schedules of Prayers in London and Manchester. Accompany us to know all about Ramadan in United Kingdom.

Ramadan Schedule 2017

It is estimated that around 3 million Muslims live in UK, out of which upto 70% Muslims live in London. According to official Ramadan 2017 London schedule, Ramadan month will start from May 28th, Sunday for the people who follow local sighting of moon. And its will end on Sunday, June 25, after 29 days of its start. June 26th, Monday will be the first day of Eid ul FItr in London, UK. And the celebration of Ramadan is one of the most important events of the Islamic religion . For a month the Muslim people perform a fast during the daytime hours. This implies that meals should be done before dawn or after sunset. Before beginning the fast of the day ( sawm ), billions of Muslims around the world rise before dawn to take Suhoor , the pre-dawn meal and perform the first prayer ‘fajr’ out of the five prayers of the day.

Throughout the day you should refrain from consuming drinks, cigarettes, meals and having sex. Once the sun sets, about 20:30 is the time of the Maghrib , and the fast is terminated . The moment of the dinner during the 30 days of the Ramadan becomes an occasion for the encounter with the family. A very abundant meal is made and rich in nutrients, which will be necessary to carry on fasting the next day.

In Ramadanmonth.com we update Ramadan timetable information for the year 2017. As we always bring you all the information of dates and times so that you can know exactly the moments of the beginning and end of the fast for each day of the Islamic month Of Ramadan. That’s why we bring you the tables of departure and sunset times for the main cities of UK.