Labour choose Anneliese Dodds to fight Wilson at next General Election

Labour Party members in Reading East have overwhelmingly chosen Anneliese Dodds as their candidate for Parliament come the next general election. “Choosing such a strong candidate as Anneliese serves notice on Rob Wilson that he has only borrowed this seat from Labour and we are determined to win it back whenever the next General Election is called.” said Stuart Singleton-White, Chair of Reading and District Labour Party.

Anneliese Dodds, commenting on her selection as the Reading East Labour Candidate said “I’m absolutely delighted to have been selected by Reading East Labour Party. It is a real privilege to be in a position to argue for the interests of the people of Reading, Caversham and Woodley”. She went on to say, “As far as I’m concerned, the general election campaign has already started. People have told me they are thoroughly fed up with their current MP, who seems more concerned about getting his picture in the ‘paper, and staying in with the Conservatives in Wokingham, than standing up for residents’ interests. I live in Reading East and know it desperately needs a responsive, hard-working MP”.

Anneliese is a lecturer and researcher in higher education. She currently lives in the cemetery junction area, but will be moving further south in the town after the New Year. She is determined to work hard for all the residents of Reading East Constituency.

“Labour has a proud record here in Reading East - which is shown in the fact that Labour has been in control of the Borough Council for over a generation. And we have lots of excellent success stories – for example, we have seen the RBH rebuilt, the rebuilding of schools such as George Palmer, crime falling this year, and the local economy booming”, said Anneliese. “You need only look at the antics of the Conservatives in Wokingham to see the difference that Labour control makes, with massive cuts to social care for elderly people currently being proposed by the Tories in Wokingham, which will hit many Woodley senior citizens very hard.”

Anneliese also commented: “My selection serves notice on Rob Wilson that his honeymoon period is now well and truly over. I will fight hard every day, right up until the next general election, to hold him to account and make sure local residents’ voices are heard”.